Our Coffees

The “Coffees Kingdom is not just another roasting company, our goal is to serve the freshest and best-tasting coffee possible. We believe the way to do this is to roast our beans with attention to detail.

Attention to detail is an important step of the coffee-making process from choosing the beans to delivering it to you as a perfect cup of coffee. The result is a cleaner, sweeter tasting coffee.

As you taste our coffees, try to compare the coffees by identifying the tasting terms for each coffee: aroma, acidity, and flavour.


The way the coffees smells. Some examples of aroma are earthy, spicy, floral and nutty. These distinctive scents are directly related to the real flavour of the coffee.


When we refer to acidity as a coffee-tasting term we are talking about the lively, palate-cleansing characteristics of its flavour profile. You’ll taste and feel the coffee in the sides and tip of your tongue, in much the same way that you experience acidity when tasting citrus fruits.


How the coffees tastes. This characteristic seems to register in different parts of the mouth. Citrus, cocoa and berries are just a few of the flavours you may taste our coffee. Some coffee flavours are bold; others are very subtle.

Try our Coffee just once and you WILL be addicted. PERIOD