Machine Warranty

Machine Warranty


Congratulations on the purchase of your PHILPS/SAECO appliance. This limited Warranty is only for PHILPS/SAECO machines sold within South Africa supplied by Philips South Africa (Pty) Ltd to local retailers and in compliance with the South African Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA).

By purchasing this household appliance you have acquired specific warranty rights regulated and in conformance with the CPA as follows:

1. This warranty is valid for 1 year from date appliance was purchased. Proof of purchase must be rendered to validate warranty coverage.

2. Philips/Saeco will, via its appointed Authorised Service Centres (ASC), remedy any defects detected in the appliance at no additional charge within a reasonable amount of time (in conformance with the CPA) after being notified of defects should the consumer elect for repairs in terms of the CPA. Should the consumer elect replacement or a refund these will be dealt with according to the provisions of the CPA. We shall bear all repair costs, including costs of labour and materials. You must transport/return appliance to the nearest ASC or retailer at your own risk and expense. Philips Saeco is not responsible for any loss or damage during incoming shipping to Philips ASC.

3. Philips Saeco warrants that this newly manufactured appliance was free from defects at time of purchase. A defect constitutes any fault that significantly impairs or limits value or working efficiency of the appliance.

4. Warranty coverage is invalidated/denied for any appliance:

  • rendered defective due to misuse, negligence or carelessness either in its use or storage (e.g. failure to follow instructions for using appliance);
  • rendered defective due to improper installation, maintenance or repairs performed by unauthorized persons, or which has been damaged during transport;
  • with defects not attributed to faulty workmanship, but to wear and tear occurring during normal use of appliance (in particular, lime-scale build-up and deterioration of parts subject to wear, such as gaskets, grinder disks or water filters);
  • that performs inefficiently due to use of spare parts and accessories other than those manufactured by Philips/Saeco;
  • that has been damaged by lightning discharges, humidity, fire, incompatible voltages, or any other cause not objectively ascribable to manufacturer;
  • rendered defective due to improper or poor maintenance (in particular, if descaling is not performed regularly and all components and connections are not cleaned properly) as mentioned in the user manual.

Note: Please be aware that the appliance settings and calibrations (“e.g.” water temperature, fineness of grind) have been standardized for all countries; therefore, we shall not accept claims in connection with the request to modify these settings.

In addition, no warranty claims will be accepted in the case of improper use and/or operation outside the usage parameters stated in the directions for use, which explicitly exclude professional use. Professional use is defined a use at a frequency that exceeds the normal, average domestic use for which the appliance was designed.

5. Service performed on the appliance under warranty (or product replacement) will not result in an extension or renewal of warranty period. Any replaced parts will automatically become property of Philips/Saeco.

6. Manufacturer will not be liable for any direct or indirect injury or damage to persons, pets or property as a result of failure to observe instructions provided in user manual, especially those concerning installation, use and maintenance of the appliance.

If warranty service is required, or you need more information, please contact Philips Consumer Care on 0861 084456 in South Africa.

A Return Authorization Number must be obtained from Philips for all Retail Credit Returns. All warranty service must be performed by Philips appointed authorized service centres. Repair, attempted repair or improper maintenance by unauthorized persons voids warranty.

Your responsibility for maintenance: You must maintain your Philips Saeco appliance according to user manual. Descaling is recommended every 2-3 months.

Failure to regularly descale your machine voids warranty.

SOUTH AFRICA Philips Consumer Lifestyle Call Centre: 0861 084456

Email: [email protected]